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Original Tropical Beach Scene Oil Paintings  Original Tropical Beach Scene Oil Paintings by Siesta Key – Sarasota artist Lloyd Dobson. Living in the Siesta Key – Sarasota area allows me … Continue reading


Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market Review  Lakewood Ranch Farmers Market Review. The market had a fantastic turnout of people on it’s return after nearly three years. People from the area … Continue reading

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More Traffic To Your Business Free Training

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><em><strong> </strong></em></a> Would You Like More Traffic To Your Business? I am sure your obvious answer was yes. You see it does not matter … Continue reading


Help People Buy Their First Piece Of Art From You Help People Buy Their First Piece Of Art. Let’s reflect back to those early years where you attended art school or was your major … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Home With Affordable Art How to decorate your home with affordable art is easy. Decorating your new home with art doesn’t have to mean an expensive trip to … Continue reading

Art - #15614 Siesta Key Beach - 16x20

How To Buy Affordable Art Direct From Artist Lloyd Dobson How to buy affordable art direct from artist is the best way to invest and save money. Owning an original piece of art is … Continue reading


Coastal Living Art For Sale by Lloyd Dobson   Coastal Living Art For Sale to help you decorate your beach home. Everyone wins when it comes to beach living like the Siesta Key … Continue reading


Siesta Key Art For Sale by Artist Lloyd Dobson & Vanessa Simonard Review  Siesta Key art for sale in addition to a couple of events through the year You can visit the Siesta Key Farmer’s Market every … Continue reading


Protecting Our Florida Sea Turtles What You Can Do Protecting Our Florida Sea Turtles is a responsibility of each of us. The Hawksbill and Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles frequent the Florida waters, however … Continue reading


Something you may not know about mobile service.

Sometimes the answer we seek to make life more enjoyable is right there in front of us as is with this video for people who … Continue reading