See Why Google Loves NetDivvy

The question that a lot of people ask all the time is, does Google love home business entrepreneurs, network marketers or MLM representatives? Well the jury is still out on how Google feels about the home business industry, but there seems to be one company at the moment Google does love. The company that Google seems to love is

NetDivvy is a Marketing training and Personal Branding “How To” site that provides home based business owners and traditional business representatives with marketing training and tools to build their brand and increase revenue. NetDivvy recently upgraded the site to include Social Media elements. This feature creates online collaboration similar to Facebook and Twitter.

When searching on Google for major internet marketing keywords like “SEO Marketing Secrets” or “How To Have Wealth Happiness And Success” both showed up on page 1 of Google. That’s not the cool part, what made this so incredible was the content was submitted by a NetDivvy member and was uploaded to the site days before it showed up on the 1st page of Google.

This should be a heads up for all of the article marketers and individuals trying to market their business on video website like YouTube or article websites like ezine articles. Adding NetDivvy as a choice for you to submit content, videos and blog post just may be a decision you may want to make. That is if you want to listen to Google.

If writing articles or submitting videos is not your thing, NetDivvy’s lead capture page generator and blog creation tool will prove to be a major addition to any marketers needs. If you are wondering what makes NetDivvy so different from other sites on the internet its this, all trainings and instructions are delivered via video. NetDivvy tools like, hosted Blogs, Landing Pages and Sales Pages come with step by step video instructions, which is why beginner and expert marketers are flocking to NetDivvy to take advantage of all goodies that they provide.

With so many marketers getting the boot from the Google search engine, no one will ever know why or how the search engines actually work. The one thing that is seems to be certain is that “Google Loves NetDivvy”

There is no telling how long this NetDivvy…Google love affair will last, but as long as Google loves NetDivvy, Google Is O.K with me!

Robert Walker
Mobile Apps Unlimited

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