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If you are a smart business professional, chances are you are  always looking for the next best thing when it comes to marketing.  As major corporations like Google and Apple now considering themselves to be mobile companies, it’s no secret that the world is clearly going mobile.  As mobile ad platforms like Admob and Adfonic make it possible for everyday consumers to advertise on mobile devices.  The worlds best marketers are capitalizing on this trend by leveraging a new and innovative company called NetDivvy to build mobile landing pages to capture data on this 5.3 billion dollar industry of mobile phone users.  A mobile landing page is a one page website that fits perfectly on a mobile phone when a potential customer click on the ad.  List building in the internet marketing world is huge and is often said to be the key to growing any business, especially online.

Having a mobile landing page allows marketers to place ads on cell phones using mobile ad networks like admob.  Many marketers are generating huge list almost overnight by using these strategies.  When the person who is on their phone clicks on a mobile ad they are immediately taken to the mobile landing page that the company NetDivvy provides for its members.  This form of marketing has been a breath of fresh air to a lot of marketers who have been recently removed from Google adwords as Google has been tough on home business entrepreneurs marketing businesses opportunities.  Good news for these marketers is that mobile marketing using mobile landing pages, at least at the moment is wide open and to those who take action.

If you are looking to jump on this trend and learn more about creating a mobile landing page click here to view a video of how they work and see details of how you can implement them into your business today.  If you are going to grow a business mobile landing pages are the best way to build a huge list and market your products and services.

Statistics show that 1 out of every 3 individuals has a smart phone, either a Android or IPhone.  Those same statistics say that every person who has a sell phone will own a smart phone by 2015.  With global access to individuals being so easily assessable do to mobile due technology, it’s clear that those who leverage this technology will position themselves to make a fortune.

With that being said many people want to know 1 question.  How much does this technology cost?  Well that’s the good news to all NetDivvy members.  If the average person were to go build mobile landing pages or pay someone to do it, it could cost thousands of dollars for the technology and hundreds of dollars per page.  NetDivvy has mobile landing page software that allows you to create unlimited mobile landing pages for a small fraction of what it costs to get outside of the system.

So if you are looking for quality and quantity and landing pages you can trust, look no further than NetDivvy.com.

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