Mobile Apps for an I-Phone, I Pads and Androids, Does My business Need One?

 Mobile Apps for an I-Phone, I Pads and Androids, does my business need one? Times are changing rapidly and smart business owners need to stay with the demographics of how to contact their customers. Mobile apps appear to be the new way to make that happen.

 It is a fact that by the end of 2011 more than 50% of the US Population was using smart phones and I-pads and it is only going to get more popular as the prices go down. Customers between the ages of 25 and 44 comprise 50 per cent of the users in that market. If a business is hip and marketing to younger people, then that business definitely needs a mobile app for their customers to down load.

 Mobile apps for an I-phone, I-pad or Android, does my company need one?  With all the social media today Mobile Apps often provide links to a company’s web site and social networking pages, like Facebook and Twitter. Thus it extends the company’s exposure still further by offering the customers a way to friend the company and give testimonials about how good a company it is and what good service the company provides. It is instant feedback and also builds the company value.

 Mobile Apps are easier, less expensive and more effective than direct mail campaigns and mass media. More importantly studies have shown that 100% of instant messages are opened and responded to within 60 minutes versus only 5% of emails and 1% of direct marketing materials. When you consider what it costs to advertise on a billboard and what you get out of it, Mobile Apps are almost a no brainer. The quickest way to get customers attention is a push notification available with the Mobile App.  Push Notifications are like SMS or Instant Messages but they are capable of appearing as full-color graphics. Otherwise known as Mobile Coupons, they’re a great way of reaching out to customers with deals.

 Customer interaction is also a major plus with Mobile Apps. Customers are able to contact the business through the Mobile App quickly. Apps can help enhance communication between companies and

 customers by enabling both parties to chat one-on-one with each other for free. Not to mention things like GPS to highlight where a business location is and things like local attractions around the business. Pictures of the business and the business site are also an advantage of Mobile Apps. For example restaurants can put a copy of their menu, pictures of the interior of the restaurant and daily specials in an App. What better way to showcase what a company has to offer?

 The real advantage of a Mobile App for a business is being able to judge what advertising dollars are doing. When a business has a Mobile App, and a customer down loads that App, suddenly, the business has the customer’s name and phone number to market to from then on. Mailers, billboards, radio and television advertising cannot do that. So let’s say the business is a realtor, and someone looks at a sign in a yard that has a message saying down load this App to get a virtual tour of this property. When the customer downloads the App, the realtor can now call them to set up an appointment to show the house. It is instant marketing for the realtor, and if he does not sell that customer at the time he can follow up by sending messages every time there is a similar listing. There has never been any kind of direct marketing like it! The customer signs up and the business owner markets directly to them from now on. Wow!

 Mobile Apps for an I-Phone, I-pad or Android, does my company need one? I would say the answer is a resounding yes! To find out more and check out the best most reasonable apps on the market go here now!


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  1. Avatar of Lloyd Dobson Lloyd Dobson says:

    Hey Bill,

    Very informative and you are right on. If a business wants to have a competitive edge and maintain a customer base following, they must have a mobile app for their business.

    It does not matter what business we are in, we are always looking at how we can drive traffic into our business. With a person’s cell phones being within 3 to 5 feet of them, what better way to communicate with them than a mobile app.

    Great info . .. Keep it up!
    Lloyd Dobson :)

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