How to Dominate Vollara and What the Top Vollara Distributors Can’t Teach You.

How to Dominate Vollara and what the top Vollara Distributors can’t teach you. It is a fact that in order to succeed with any business, you have to have certain strategies, tools and knowledge.    Vollara is no different. This company has been in business for almost 100 years and has reinvented itself over and over again, having started as Electrolux USA, and in 2009 changed its name from EcoQuest to Vollara which is derived from the Latin word “to fly”.   The general product line produced by Vollara is an amazing array of health products such as energy pills, weight loss supplements, and air purification products as well as water treatment supplies. The company’s mission statement is to: “enrich the air you breathe, the surfaces you touch and the water you drink.”.   So how do you dominate Vollara and what is it that the top Vollara distributors can’t teach you? Well, Vollara is like so many other home-based businesses. Their theory is to get distributors to buy the products and then get friends and family members to join or buy the products. Thus you build a down-line of people through all the people you know.   So what do you do? Recruit hundreds of others to help you by buying the product themselves. Let’s think about that for a moment,. Will that really work? After you have sold them the initial products, then what?  Can they sell all of their friends if they don’t have product knowledge like you, and the passion you have for the products?   Let’s explore another way for you to succeed with Vollara. Why not find 10 dedicated people who have the enthusiasm that you have and teach them how to market to 10 others. Makes more sense, doesn’t it? You need duplication and by teaching those 10 the fundamentals of marketing and the secrets of how to build a down-line, you now have a force to set Vollara on its ear.   The next question is where do you get this duplication? You need a marketing system and tools to train your new recruits in the art of Marketing. The best company to teach this is NetDivvy. There is training in every aspect of internet marketing and lots of people willing to help you build not just a team but a Vollara Dynasty.   So if you really want to dominate Volllara and do what the top Vollara Distributors can’t teach you, learn the power of duplication Go Here.  

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