Domain Names Are They Really Necessary?

Domain names are they really necessary for my business? Is it that important? The answer is absolutely yes! Your domain name is your address on the internet. Having a presence on the web is a fundamental for your success. Think of it in the same way as your own street address. With everyone surfing the web these days, without a domain name, it would be impossible for someone to find you on the internet.

If you have a specific product or service to promote, like an affiliate product as an example, the difficulty for clarrity with your customers would be too difficult.

The Power of the Forwarded Affiliate Domain

Think about it this way… once you get a domain to run your affiliate link through, you now own your very own website which you can advertise ANYWHERE online or offline and you will make 75% of every sale that comes through your domain. Having your own domain allows you to advertise in LOTS of new ways that you wouldn’t be able to advertise some ugly looking affiliate link.

Think about it… let’s say you had a good friend that could sell you cheap billboard space on a local highway.  Or maybe it’s not a billboard space, but a sign on a window of a store that you own, or any sign that will get eyeballs anywhere… or even a newspaper ad…

Which of the below ads do you think people would actually be able to remember and either write down or type into their cell phone to check out the website (aka your affiliate link)…

Billboard or newspaper ad #1:

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Billboard or newspaper ad #2:

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Pretty obvious huh!  Nobody is ever going to remember that first ads URL… but the 2nd billboard ad uses such a simple domain that almost anybody could remember that one!  And all you have to do is using domain forwarding in your domain registrar to redirect that domain through your affiliate link.  Hey, if you have the budget to test something like this, it could be a big hit!

May be a crazy idea, but the most outlandish ideas many times are the best.  The most successful entrepreneurs have BALLS to try stuff like this.  I’d be willing to bet that with the right call-to-action on a billboard, and the right simple domain, and if you can get a nice discounted billboard ad on a highly noticeable spot, this method might stand a chance of working.

Think about it… if you’re working a $60K/year salaried job and want to build your affiliate income to the level where you’re comfortable quitting, all you need to do is generate $165 per day on average in profit ($165/day X 365 days/yr = approx $60K) to equal the same income as your job. That’s fairly easy if you’ve followed the techniques I’ve laid out in some of these lessons. The cool thing is that once you get out of that J.O.B that’s draining your time, you free up all kinds of new time to devote to your internet marketing, and your online income doubles, triples, even quadruples in no-time flat.

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