How much are Silver Coins Worth

How much are Silver Coins Worth all depends on what the value of Silver is at the current time.

There is also a Numismatic Value……

The word “numismatic” means the study and collecting of money. Numismatic coins are legal tender coins that are sought after by collectors. These include everything from the ancient coins used as currency from the beginning of civilization, to the official coins minted by the Roman Empire, through today’s modern issue silver and gold coins produced by the world’s government mints.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned collector or buying your very first graded silver or gold coin. When you purchase coins through Numis Network, you’ll have the advantage of buying from someone you know, and at the most competitive prices in the industry.

How much are silver coins worth?

’Graded’ silver and gold numismatic coins are not ordinary, they are special.  The value of these collectible coins is based not only on their precious metal content, but also on rarity, collector demand, and their actual condition.  The fact that they are certified and graded by recognized experts makes them more valuable and desirable than ordinary, ungraded silver or gold bullion type coins.

The global standard for grading a coin’s condition is called the Sheldon Scale and grades range from 1 to 70, with 70 being the highest grade possible… indicating a flawless coin in perfect numismatic condition.

When you purchase any coin graded MS70 from Numis Network, you can be proud to know that you are obtaining a coin that is both beautiful and valuable… a coin to be treasured, because it is treasure!The condition of a coin can be one of the most significant factors in its value.  Numis Network specifically offers coins that have been guaranteed to have the highest numismatic condition possible.



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