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The Secrets To Making Money With Your Cell !

The Secrets To Making Money With Your Cell !


Why are you not making money with your mobile phone. Do you have fear of the unknown . Are you scare of losing your job and making freedom for yourself. Are you dissappointed in the things you are doing now. Are you scare of rejections, You have to do greater things with your life and your family. Finding the right path is the most important thing you could do for your family.


Mobile Apps for Businesses are making tons of entreprenuers a very good income . And if you know how to position yourself,you can make money too.  In just over 3 years  over 20 Billion apps have been downloaded between iphone and android devices. You ask yourself WHY MOBILE?        Well businesses that use mobile apps for their business are seeing more and more of their customers using mobile and if they don’t have mobile their competitors will and  businesses with out will lose.


Now the question you ask is where do you fit in, well imagine you selling mobile apps to all your local businesses and even more to other businesses in the USA,Canada and beyond. Imagine you make $1000 per sale and also getting residual income from it. I will show you how to market to businesses and what to say to the business and even how to think outside the boxand make even more money doing it . I will show you how to built a clientele of businesses wanting your business .


Then I will show you how to have a army of partners market your business and have you make money from there also. All it takes is $19.00 to start your International Business . What are you waiting for Lets get started


Check Out This Video ==> http://www.globalappsempire.com/aff.php?af=1518950


Step 1  Join Global Apps for $19.00– Go through the back office and go through all of the training.


Step 2 Plug IN—You plug in to the team and mentors (which is me ) we have weekly training right on your computer and right from your home, and you can call me directly so I can help you step by step.


Check Out This Video ==> http://www.globalappsempire.com/aff.php?af=1518950




Step 1   Identified your Market Niche


Restaurants                               Local Gyms

Chiropractor                              Authors

Car Wash                                  Public Speakers

Night Clubs                               Car Dealerships

Bars                                            Realtors

Coffee Shops                             Dentists

Beauty Salons                            Attorneys


And so ON


Step 2   Marketing to Businesses


Business Cards                       Flyers

Facebook                                Craiglists

Yelp.com                                Global Apps Business Look Up

Emails                                     Cold Calling

Walking into Biz


Step 3   Marketing Tools


Inside Global Apps Network there are lots of Biz Tools for you to use and as a Business owner you are encourage to be creative with your own ideas also.


Step 4  Using Mentors In the Group


You also have the use of other marketers and mentors to move you further in the biz. You will have connections thorough the group and also on a facebook group with meetings each and every Wednesday, of which I’am a part of.


Step 5   Getting  Paid




Includes unlimited texting (US Customers only)

Only $1497 + $67 per month hosting

Commission: $1,000/$100 override

Hosting Commission: $10/month residual

commission/$10 override/month


Only $1497 + $67 per month hosting

Commission: $1,000/$100 override

Hosting Commission: $10/month residual

commission/$10 override/month



Includes unlimited texting (US Customers only)

Only $2,797 + $67 per month hosting

SAVINGS OF $161 and 50% off hosting ($804 Per

Year Savings)

Commission: $1,500/$100 override

Hosting Commission: $10/month residual

commission/$10 override/month


                             GLOBAL APPS NETWORK GAME PLAN


  1. First thing is to go over everything on the Global Apps website. Look at all videos



*Craigslist Strategy

*Facebook Strategy

*Solo Ads Strategy

*Twitter Strategy

* Bing Advertising Strategy


  1. When Leads come in then do the Phone Interview with Prospecting Partners.


Example of Question




  1. (When call ask them)  Did you review the video ?


(If they say no) That’s okay ,I understand sometimes life gets busy, When do you think you could do it for sure for sure?


(If they say yes) 1. What did you like best ?       2. On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being zero interest and 10 being ready to get started right away, where are you now




I don’t have money?   I don’t have the time?  It’s not my thing? I’m not a sale person! I don’t know anyone?  I’m too old/too young/have no experience.


(Answer) I had the same exact challenges, I didn’t have money to pay my bills, But I decided I had to do something and this was it.




Is this MLM?   Is this one of those things?  Is this a pyramid scheme?  I’m not interested in MLM!  I don’t want to bother my friends!  How much are you making?


—- Is This MLM (said with Emotion) Oh, you must have a story?  Did you try it at some point?  What Happen?


(Listen to the story then answer) Did you give it a fair shot?  Do you think Network Marketing was the problem or maybe your timing wasn’t right?




  1. Based on what you have just seen, if you were to get started with this company on a part time basis, approximately how much would you need to earn per month in order to make this worth your time?


  1. Approximately how many hours could you comit each week to develop that kind of income?


  1. How many months would you work those kind of hours in order to develop that kind of income?


  1. If I could show you how to develop an income ____ per month, working ____ hours a week over a course of _______ months. Would you be ready to get started.




Example of Interview


Congratulations on making the decision, I’m proud of you for taking charge of your life. From now on things are going to be different for you and your family


If you succeed in this business, it’s going to be you who creates that success, not me And, if you fail in this business. Its going to be you who creates that failure, not me. You are going to be the difference between success and failure. I’m here to guide you every step of the way, but I can’t do it for you. I’m here to work with you but not for you.


My job is to help you become independent from me as quickly as possible. Do you agree that’s the goal?


There will certainly be ups and downs as you build your business. There will be good times and bad times. I’ll know you’re in one of the bad times when you aren’t calling me, you aren’t showing up for webinars. So when I start hearing excuses— When that happens with you and it happens with everyone, how do you want me to handle that? Do you want me to leave you alone or do you want me to be persistant and remind you why you made this decision in the first place?






Part Timers  (Those of you who work 50+ hours a week at your job)

—–75% + profit Producing Activites

—–2—5  Personal Prospects per Day

—–Active  Prospecting, not just passive marketing

—– Send out 50 emails to businesses

—– Create a Facebook Page for your business (John Doe Worldwide)

—– Create a Aweber Account

—– Hustle Baby

—– 1 piece of content per day on your Facebook and mobile app (Personal Branding)



Hustler Routine   ( 2 to 3 hours per day )

—–75% + profit Producing Activites

—– 15 to 25  Personal Prospects per Day

—–Active  Prospecting, not just passive marketing

—– Send out 100 emails to businesses

—– Create a Facebook Page for your business (John Doe Worldwide)

—– Create a Aweber Account

—– Hustle Baby

—– 2 piece of content per day on your Facebook and mobile app (Personal Branding)







Kevin Cooper



Check Out This Video ==> http://www.globalappsempire.com/aff.php?af=1518950


NetDivvy Facts- Can NetDivvy Help You Grow Your Network Marketing Business?



Hello Everyone,,, and if you are in Online Marketing I’am talking to you. 2013 is here and people are looking for more and different ways to make money and help their business grow. I came across this articles from Vince Reed and it is a very good read, on how to make your business grow. CHECK IT OUT !


NetDivvy is a marketing system developed by Vince Reed.  Over the past 5 years Vince Reed has shown an ability to grow Network Marketing companies and train others to duplicate his success.  This article will break down all of the features inside of the NetDivvy system and answer the question that everyone wants to know. Can NetDivvy help you grow your network marketing business?

The NetDivvy system has a suite of tools designed for beginner marketers to get off to a fast start.  The system truly has a focus on getting you up on the internet fast without having the feeling of overwhelm that you often get when trying similar systems online.  Online marketers will often say that the money and the power is in the list.  That is why one of NetDivvy’s main features is it Lead Capture Page generator.  A lead capture page is a one page website that requires a person to put in their name and email before they can gain access to more information.

Internet marketers on NetDivvy can easily build these pages so they can communicate with multiple customers at once.  For example, when a person puts their name and email address into a NetDivvy  landing page, that information goes into an auto responder which captures that data.   NetDivvy’s lead capture pages easily integrates with most major auto responder companies.

When you combine the lead generation training that you get inside of the NetDivvy system, you quickly will see why their members love it.  Unlike other systems, NetDivvy members are not forced to pay extra whenever Vince Reed Founder of NetDivvy releases a new product.  Every Executive member automatically gets it just for being a member.  This allows it’s members to simply create the lead capture pages and use the lead generation training to drive traffic to it!

NetDivvy also gives it’s members the ability to submit articles and videos designed to help each member get maximum exposure in their business.  There is also a social network similar to Facebook, which allows the members to connect and interact with each other.  Members can also create multiple websites and blogs and manage them all from 1 location.  This allows member to focus on branding themselves and not the system owner.

With their new $1 trial offer at the Executive level, the NetDivvy system is seriously a No Brainer.  If your question is can NetDivvy help you grow your Network Marketing business?  The answer is, I use it for mine and that speaks for itself.  For more content and information on NetDivvy click here.  <a href=”http://www.netdivvy.com/kevincooper/live-webinar”>Live Webinar</a>

Thanks Kevin Cooper

To get more Information>>>>http://bit.ly/Foryounow

Click Here  http://bit.ly/N0OaNv >>>> Learn The Secret To Creating Traffic To Your Online Blog!


NetDivvy TV #6 – Why Seeking Pain And Avoiding Pleasure Is The Secret To Success


Hello Everybody This is Kevin Cooper back again and I bring you an Article and video by one of the rising superstars in the business. Please Check Vince Reed out talking about seeking pain and Avoiding Pleasure.


Everyone lives their lives trying to seek the thing that make them happy. We call this seeking pleasure. In reality all we are actually doing is avoiding pain. The fact of the matter is the more you do this, the further you get from the life lessons that pain actually teaches you. Ask yourself the question…What have I learn from pleasure? Chances are you will say not much. Now ask yourself what you have learned from pain? Most likely you will have a list of positive things that you can share. Watch the video below to see why seeking pain and avoiding pleasure is the secret to success.

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NetDivvy TV #5 – How To Create A Custom Blog Or Website In 10 Minutes – Believing Is Half The Battle


Hello everyone this is Netdivvy Tv #5 and there is nothing else in this world that you need to do more then Brand yourself and or your business and Vince Reed show you how to do that. Branding yourself in Netdivvy is the way to go CHECK THIS OUT!

Here is Vince Reed

Sometimes our subconscious mind destroys our greatest potential. This is why most people always have a wait and see mentality. The problem is the act of waiting produces absolutely no energy and when there is no energy, there is no results. But today, I wanted to show you that things are possible and you have the power to create anything you put your mind to!

Watch The Video Below: Comments And Likes Are Always Appreciated)

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Learn The Secret to the Vince Reeds Money Formula and see

how it can help you build your business!!!

NetDivvy TV #4 – The 5 Step Money Formula That Never Fails Me

August 2, 2012 By

Every business has its ups and its downs. Today I wanted to share with you my 5 step money formula that never fails me. If you ever want to make more cash or are sitting back watching your business slip. Pull up this video and quickly identify where you are and get to work. As technology and where people get their traffic changes, the 5 step money formula will always remain the same!

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NetDivvy TV #2 – The Olympics And Internet Marketing – Use This Strategy And Win


The Olympics have come and gone and yes it was very exciting.  So much competition and so much strategy goes into every athletic events.  Learn to use strategy in your business and win  and win big!

Watch Video

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Welcome To Netdivvy TV #1 –3 Steps To Making Money Online Now !! – Comf5-The Mobile Marketing App Opportunity


Hello My Name is Kevin Cooper and I like to introduce you to a special feature today. It’s call Netdivvy TV ,, This is Netdivvy TV #1. Ireally want to show you how to make money online and my partner Vince Reed has this video with lots of information for you. It’s call “3 Steps to Making Money Online and it is truley ground breaking

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks Kevin Cooper

To get more Information>>>>  http://bit.ly/Foryounow

Click Here   http://bit.ly/N0OaNv >>>>   Learn The Secret To Creating Traffic To Your Online Blog!



URGENT! Your Business Needs A Comf5 Mobile Site Now!

With the speed of Technology things move very fast in this time and age . Businesses need to stay competitive and up to date with technology . Around 1995 Companies realize they needed to have a website. Having a website for a business was the first big thing. You had to have a website to show people the things your business had for them.



But those same websites don’t look so good on mobile phones. So now business have to make another change to be competitive.  It is now 2012 and by 2014 more people will be using mobile phones than PC’s to get online. As of the early 2012 we are getting to where more consumers are spending more time on mobile devices then PC”s and Comf5 Mobile is leading the way to future with mobile.


To compare a regular PC website and a mobile website they are very different. If you try to pull up a page on the I-phone or android the regular website takes a while to load and the lettering is small and you have to zoom in and zoom out to read the type. It is very tough to navitegate . But when you have a Comf5 Mobile Page it comes across very different . It is easier to read and understand, because it is a different format. To be able to look at a menu from your favorite restaurant becomes lot easier.


But a lot of business have yet to optimized their site for mobile . It was found by a marketing manager for Google Mobile Ads that as early as 2011 that only 21% of businesses have launch a mobile site. As of now Comf5 is a company that is heading to the future with its mobile and if you are part of the 79% and you think it is had or you don’t need it. Well Comf5 Company takes the hard work out of the equation and business reality shows you that you need it. Mobile Websites and Apps is where the future is going for Business. And Comf5 wants you to jump on.

Learn The Secret To Creating Traffic To Your Online Blog! – Comf5-The Mobile Marketing App Opportunity


The Purpose of this article is to learn the secret to creating traffic to your blog.  Most people wanna start blogs to brand themselves or their business.  But it means nothing if nobody ever reads it.  You have to come up with ideas or topics of things to write about.  You have to write about things that people wanna know and learn in your niche.


The Challenge or Mission on your part is to discover what people are looking for and how do you do that.  Well the best content comes from one of the three E’s –Entertaining, Enlightening, Educational for your visitor or prospects. Writing around the three E’s will attract people you might wanna work with and definitely build a brand in you as a smart person.


Here are a few things to know when writing. First people want solutions to their specific problems. They wanna know how to solve their challenges. Also how to overcome fear, work through discouragements and stay positive when things are not going well.  Two they like to know how to get general information that they can use to put their business on the right track and move forward. Things like specific ways to organize business activites, making maximum use of time.  Maybe teach them how to use social media market and learn how to bring more traffic to their blog.


Three, You have to emotionally move your readers; you have to make them happy and put them in a good frame of mind. You can provide inspiration, hope and encouragement to your readers.  An you can always give funny stories things that make them laugh that will always keep them coming back. And the last thing you should always be is encouraging to your readers, these things will bring traffic and they will tell people and so on and so on

Learn The Strategy To Build Your Website With BLOG COMMENTING ! – …


Today I wanted to write an Article on Blog Commenting and how to build a strong following with it. Can you imagine that by commenting on somebody else’s blog with interesting and relevant comments that you can get people to fellow you and even join your business.


To create success in online marketing you need to do a few things.  First you need to get people to your website.  Getting targeted people to your website is so much better.  Then you need to get people to trust you. When they trust you they fellow you and you are look at as a person who knows what he is talking about in this business. There are so many strategies and methods to get more visitors to your site.  But Blog Commenting is the one that you don’t need anything but your brain and time and your link and it’s FREE.




Blog Commenting is easy and simple to start. First you need to add comments on blogs posts that are related to your product or opportunity. You join other bloggers post discussions that are related to your niche and add relevant and interesting comments.  When you do this it helps you build trust and gives you expert-status among lots of reader and it also spreads your website link with every comment that you provide. Here is a big tip write a comment that is relevant and very interesting and include your website link in the website box provided, under your name and email address. When people read your comments they can also click your name and check your website out and that’s a great way to attract yourself a prospect too.


There are other benefits to the strategy. If another website links to your website a lot of good things happen. The Process itself is call back linking and that’s when someone posts a link to you online and when that happens the more back links your site gets the higher your site gets listed on the search engines. That’s why blog commenting is such a great strategy. You get two big benefits from it, reputation building and search engine ranking