Why I Almost Kept This Internet Marketing Formula A Secret

If you are a person that is really looking to get amazing results in your business, than there are 2 things you should remember.  Mirror those who are already getting amazing results and Never Reinvent the wheel.  When you combine those two things with the power of the Money Formula you have a true recipe for success.  In the video below you will see why I almost kept this internet marketing formula a secret.

If you follow this formula you will get the results you are looking for in your business.

My favorite quote is “The Wise Learns More From The Fool Than The Fool Learns From The Wise” A wise man also told me that the amount of money you make represents the amount of value you offer the world. That’s why I did not keep this internet marketing formula a secret. That is also why you want to share this video or leave a comment and let me know what you think.


  1. Vince, Could use some hands on how to do this.. I am a hands on learner, another words someone has to show me a picture or walk me through it step by step.. Once I have it then I can run with it..


    1. Avatar of Vince Reed Vince Reed says:


      I understand that people learn at different speeds. My advice is to open yourself up to learning in a different way. A lot of road blocks are often made up in our own heads. Which means you are comfortable with someone by your side but that does not mean you can’t watch a training video or try to do things on your own and get great results. In fact I was like you when I started and now I enjoy getting information, testing it out and sharing it with others. If you really need more hands on training we offer 1 on 1 coaching to our executive members.


  2. Vince, this information is awesome but I’m having a problem. I’m no longer marketing the products that I was when I first joined Netdivvy, I’m only marketing Netdivvy itself. I have a web presence because of my spiritual blog and ministry to the needy is eating up what used to be my marketing window and the funds that I have raised doing internet marketing. I’m kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. Don’t want to be a hypocrite when it comes to doing videos. Need some advice on these special circumstances. Keeping My head up and my eyes and ears open.

    1. Avatar of Vince Reed Vince Reed says:

      NetDivvy, is designed to give you skills so you can market anything. The rules apply to any business or anything you are promoting. You the traffic generation strategies to dominate and drive traffic to your spiritual blog. You are helping people and that is what it’s all about. Continue to build your personal value level and you will be good to go!


  3. Avatar of Kevin Cooper Kevin Cooper says:

    Hey Vince great information what people have to understand is that this is a business and you have to grind it out to make it successful. If one thing fails move on to something else until you find what works. But stay at it. Read Learn and Work no magic pill. The Information is right there for you just use it

    1. Avatar of Vince Reed Vince Reed says:

      I agree Kevin…Rome was not built overnight!

  4. Avatar of Robert Yates Robert Yates says:

    I especially liked the part you discussed about Innovation or Innovate. So many leave the value of their affiliates/customers to the wolves. They get busy with other things to promote to us.

  5. Avatar of Jim Perman Jim Perman says:

    Net Divvy offered me a free membership.

    Where is it?


    1. Avatar of Vince Reed Vince Reed says:


      You did not complete your registration. Your account is activated now. Try to log in.

  6. Vince
    this a great video fill with tons of great wisdom. These principles are the foundation to building a business. You are like the drill sergeant expressing and pounding, and expounding on the key truths that a person must come to realize, in order to become successful any business model. Thanks for the value added.

    Mike Cleveland

    1. Avatar of Vince Reed Vince Reed says:

      Thanks Mike,

      So true my friend!